IDEC designs and manufactures control automation products that are sold to original equipment manufacturers.

Our relays, power supplies or timers may be in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit or a water dispensing machine. Our PLCs might be controlling robots in a manufacturing process or factory automation setting. In addition, our products can be found in applications as varied as car washes, in vending machines, animal feedlots, escalators, and water treatment plants.

Model CB2A/2B Switch Block with a Built-in CC-Link Communication Unit

This switch block can be easily connected to various units compatible with CC-Link.

• The panel mounting man-hours can be reduced thanks to pre-assembly.

• Incorrect operation can be prevented by integrating operation systems (DIN48 size).

• A two-piece terminal block ensures easy maintenance.

• Easy to replace the control unit from the operation block and flexible in combination.

• Safe to maintain as the back cover prevents users from touching the charged portion during maintenance. (Conforming to IEC-60204-1)

• Protective structure: IP65 (IEC60529, on the front face of the panel)

• Station type: Remote I/O station

• Number of stations occupied: 1 station (among 64 stations)

• CC-Link version: Ver.1.0

SX5A-GM1N AS-Interface/CC-Link Gateway

This gateway converts the AS-Interface protocol with the CC-Link. It can function as a slave station for the CC-Link or as the master station for an AS-Interface.

• The gateway is compatible with AS-Interface Ver. 2.1.

• The gateway is of an IP65 protective structure.

• AS-Interfaces can be connected to the CC-Link.

• Power is supplied from an AS-Interface.

• LEDs and a two-digit display contribute to error diagnosis.

• All AS-Interfaces can be operated via the CC-Link.

• Station type: Remote device station

• Number of stations occupied: 3 stations

• CC-Link version Ver: 1.0

• External dimensions:

• Mass:

Model PS2C CC-Link/LT Switching Power Supply

A switching power supply, which combine/integrates a power adapter, exclusively for the CC-Link/LT. An AC free input (100 to 240 V AC) makes the unit applicable to all units available worldwide.

• The power supply contains a power supply adapter for the CC-Link/LT.

• Besides the power supply for the CC-Link/LT, a model equipped with a general-purpose 24 V auxiliary output power supply is also available.

• The power supply can operate at an ambient temperature of up to 50 with a cover attached and without derating.

• In addition to the terminal block type, a power supply complete with a finger protection mechanism is also available, and has been introduced to the worldwide market.

• The power supply conforms to FCC class A and VCCI class A.

• The power supply complies with harmonic current regulations.

• Station type:

• Number of stations occupied:

• CC-Link version:

• External dimensions:

• Mass: