WAGO developed its innovative alternative spring clamp terminal blocks as an alternative to the normal screw-type connection in 1951 and has not wavered from this course since then. This technology has long since become the worldwide standard and modern electrical connecting systems and automation without WAGO products is unimaginable.

Modular Type I/O System for CC-Link

Digital and analog I/O units can be used together. This system is flexible in configuration thanks to various combinations of CC-Link bus couplers (750-310) and modules.

• The operation mode can be switched between fixed and automatic addresses. Set the baud rate by changing the position of the rotary switch.

• The number of occupied stations (up to four stations) can be selected.

• The number of occupied stations is fixed on our competitors' units, whereas Wago's I/O system can select the number of stations according to the number of modules (automatic address mode).

• Analog and digital I/O modules can be used together. Combinations and positions of I/O modules can be selected as you desire.

• Since modules can be configured according to the number of points required, cost-effective, space-saving design can be realized.