Balluff sensors worldwide

Balluff sensors worldwide

With more than 40 years of experience, Balluff GmbH is today a world leading manufacturer of sensor solutions with headquarters in Neuhausen, near Stuttgart.

Sophisticated technology and the most modern electronics, application-specific customer solutions, individual assistance and first-class service are the hallmarks of the company.

“Once Balluff started to really push into China and its expanding markets, I realised what a strong offer CC-Link is. It would be almost impossible to serve the Chinese manufacturing base without full CC-Link capabilities.” Stephan Langer, Product Manager for Industrial Network Systems at Balluff

BNI CCL-305-100-Z001

Digital Input Modul, with 8 M12 Ports and 8 Digital Inputs / 8 Digital Outputs. Distributed /I/O box, Waterproof, Field mountable, IP67

• 8 Digital Outputs / 8 Digital Inputs
• IP 67 Water and Oil proof
• 8 Ports M12
• Field mountable
• Integrated Display for Address setting
• Integrated Display for diagnosis
• Station type Remote device station
• Number of stations occupied 1 station
• CC-Link version Ver.1.10
• External dimensions 68x224x36,9 mm
• Mass 0.58 kg


Balluff at SPS 2013
Jürgen Gutekunst - Seminar Presentation