As a materials science and technology company, 3M has used its coating expertise to develop a growing number of cables, connectivity and I/O products for CC-Link. 3M started manufacturing cable products for CC-Link in Asia, where it is the dominant open communication protocol for automation.

“Many of our customers, for instance, are making products or assembling systems for the booming markets in China. To win that business they are often required to use CC-Link. We expect this demand to build familiarity with our local European customers and for that expertise to spill over into other projects.” Marlies Postels Business Development Manager for 3M’s Electronic Solutions Division.


• CC-Link/LT/IE
• RJ 45 CAT 5e (Wire Mount)
• CC-Link Connector
• 3M U-Clamp
• 3M Power Clamp Series One-touch Connector
• CC-Link/LT Connector
• 3M Link Series (Wire Mount & Board Mount)
• 3M Mini-Clamp Series (Wire Mount & Board Mount)
• CC-Link/LT Cable
• 79100-075FLT: CC-Link/LT Flat Cable (CC-Link/LT specific)
• 79100-075-4ZLT: CC-Link/LT Flexible Cable (Recommend for General Market)
• CC-Link Ver.1.10 Communication Cables
• 79100-110SBH: CC-Link V1.10 Standard Cable (Power Clamp CLPA CC-Link specific)
• 79100-110SBZ-5: CC-Link V1.10 Flexible Cable (Power Clamp CLPA CC-Link specific)

Visit the 3M website for more details: www.3minterconnect.com