Fuji Electric

Fuji Electric

The Fuji Electric Group started out in 1923 as Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a capital and technology tie-up between Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. and German company Siemens AG.

Today Fuji Electric is a synonym and a brand for success and one of the largest corporate groups worldwide. Japanese and European Engineers combine together and are passionate about producing leading products of the highest reliability. Together, they create technical solutions which set new standards worldwide. Fuji Electric has been, still is, and, always will be, geared to technological innovation.

Since 1987, Fuji Electric ranks among the leading technological suppliers of frequency inverters, servo systems, PWM converters and HMI in the European market. For decades, products of Fuji Electric have been successfully established in many industrial processes in Germany, Spain, Italy, France, UK and other European countries.

FRENIC-MEGA has been developed with unyielding standards of quality and flexibility to meet the demands of both simple and complex industrial applications. Meeting the requirements for various applications, achieving lower maintenance, and improved protection to environmental conditions.



Best in class vector control for general-purpose inverter improves control performance.

Accommodating various applications (function of detection the abnormal braking transistor, output brake signal for mechanical braking control, customizable control logic through the built-in PLC functionality, ratio operation of the main speed, dancer control function optimized for winding control)

Keypad with USB port allows you to check the information at any time.

The life of limited-life parts (cooling fan, condenser, etc.) is extended. (Designed life is 10 years.)

Installing a dedicated optional card makes the CC-Link communication available.

• Station type: Remote device station.
• Number of stations occupied: 1 station.
• CC-Link version: Ver.2.0 and Ver.1.10.