SMC are the world leaders in pneumatics technology. SMC dedicates considerable resource to research and development to produce products that are the best available in the market.

A large investment is dedicated to Research and Development allowing SMC to create products suited to the needs of the ever changing marketplace. SMC has a global network of over 1,300 engineers listening to customers requirements, designing new products and continuously improving existing products.

With SMC's EX Range of CC-link products. Valve manifolds can be connected directly to a CC-Link network drastically improving efficiency when compared to a conventional parallel wiring system. Using an EX unit from SMC will reduce space and increase the wiring efficiency for network I/O and pneumatic valves.

SMC's pneumatic valves can be made available to the CC-Link network using a wide range of EX products. Highlights of the EX range include the compact EX260, high performance EX600 and distributed EX500 systems.

Other EX products are available, please contact your local subsidiary for more information.