About the CLPA

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is an international organisation with over 2100 member companies worldwide. The partners’ common objective is promotion and technical development of the family of CC-Link open network technologies. Over 1,300 certified products are now available from over 280 manufacturers. CC-Link is the leading industrial fieldbus in Asia and is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and the Americas. The European headquarters is in Germany, with offices throughout the continent.


Since the CLPA was established the Board of directors, Marketing Task Force and Technical Task Force have joined forces to help vendors to develop compatible products and users to build up FA systems.

The Board of Directors consisting of six firms operates CLPA and decides on major association issues. Their focus is on the technical development and promotion of the CC-Link family of open network technologies. This is achieved through:

Marketing Task Force

Exhibit at various trade shows and conferences, conduct educational and development seminars, plan and implement advertising programs and other promotional activities. Coordinates provision of information to members and outside standard-setting organizations.

Technical Task Force

Initiate and develop new technologies to meet and exceed the expectations of users worldwide. Conduct maintenance and development of technical specifications. Evaluate and develop new specifications for conformance testing. Engage in various technical issues.

Membership of CLPA

Members can develop business opportunities by receiving services and support for developing compatible products. They are entitled to the most up-to-date technological information and CC-Link specifications at no charge. In addition, support is available for the conformance testing essential to establishing reliability in operation.